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Keybound, a fantasy webcomic by Shannon Dybvig about the gnome Eledrine Galea

Keybound is a fantasy comic about feeling lost as a young adult, understanding your parents as people, and realizing that everyone is stumbling.

Comics by Shannon Dybvig

Read my comics! Sci-fi, romance, journal, more!

Sunrise Over the Valley Town, the newest piece in Shannon Dybvig's Gallery

Sunrise Over the Valley Town is my most recent piece. The gallery contains surreal, otherworldly, and fantasy works.

Shannon Dybvig's Latest Publications and News

Get the latest news and find out what events I'll be attending! I'll also let you know when new books are coming out.

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About Shannon Dybvig

Get to know me a little better! Learn about me and what I want to accomplish with my work.

Shannon Dybvig's Store

I offer a variety of print goods (including wall art, mugs, and t-shirts), books, original art, and fabric. I am also regularly available for freelance work and sometimes available for personal commissions.