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Cropped panel from Keybound: the young gnome, Eledrine, looks around the Keyper's garden completely dumbfounded as her brother and mother follow the Keyper to her home.

Keybound, a fantasy webcomic

Eledrine Galea knew her life plan from a young age: she would apprentice her mother until she was old enough to take over the family business, and when she was old enough she would marry her betrothed, Valen Bell. Her life was to be like any other gnomes' in the villages. Fyodor, her brother, also had a clear future before him. He was Key-Intended and studied at the Keybound Academy with other Intendeds in preparation for his life traveling outside of the villages.

When Fyodor's binding was to take place, their mother brought both of them to the Keyper's home. As a choice their parents had made well before Eledrine's birth came to light, the siblings' lives were irreversibly changed. The mistake is never discussed, and Eledrine's family tries to carry on as though nothing significant occurred. In adulthood, Eledrine is faced with decisions regarding what paths to take in her life, and the roles she wishes to continue occupying or release as she goes down those paths.

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The Keybound Prologue book proof has arrived

At long last, the book proof for the Keybound Prologue has arrived! If all goes according to plan, I will have copies available for sale at Comic Central at the St. Louis Public Library central branch on Saturday, July 29th. For those of you not familiar with the publishing process, a book proof is a sample book printed on the same printers the final book will be printed on, at the same dimensions, to make sure that there are no issues with the way the book has been laid out and for catching any stray typos that weren't caught earlier in the editing process. I am in the process of reviewing the book for issues that need fixing before giving the printer the go-ahead, but so far everything looks great! I will be selling the Prologue book for $7.

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