Hello, beautiful human!

Over the past 4 months, I have written 1-2 blog entries per week and not posted them anywhere. This was on purpose: I wanted to practice, to get into a rhythm, to find out if it is something I would enjoy and could sustain as a habit. Four months in, the answer appears to be yes, although I have yet to get into a nice editing rhythm alongside the writing habit.

The next question is whether I can think in public in this way.

I hope I’ll discover another resounding yes.

Snapshot: I have been on sabbatical for just over a year. During the past few months I have been developing a game among other smaller dabblings. In addition to the blog practice, I did a small podcasting experiment, the findings from which I’ll write about in another post. Before that I studied, traveled a bit, and partially rewrote the SF novel I first wrote in 2018 – it still needs some work. I also make art, which you may find on my other website. Starting tomorrow I will be on retreat at the Recurse Center where I’ll be working on tiny processors or perhaps a compiler or new language, alongside many other curious programmers.